Saturday, July 11, 2009

Differences of the digestive systems

From the last 5 posts, you can see that mostly the digestive systems are approximately the same. With a few changes or new additions in the system here and there. Like the bird's digestive system, there is a new organ called crop for the bird to store the food before slowly supplying the stomach with the food to digest. The snakes salivary glands( for those poisonous snakes) are changed to secrete poison with digestive enzymes in it too. The mouths of different birds or animals or insects also vary to cope with what they eat, like eagles, they use their hook-like beaks to tear apart their prey, while herons use their bills to spear small fish and amphibians. So, I can conclude that most digestive systems works the same way, with physical digestion and chemical digestion with the aid of digestive enzymes.

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